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Abby, Toby, and Billy are ordinary detectives with extraordinary clients: G-G-Ghosts! 

In the spirit of Nancy Drew, Scooby Doo and Stranger Things, The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Series follows the paranormal adventures of three youthful sleuths and their gruff and grumpy medium as they tackle ghostly cases in the small mid-western burg of Morton Town U.S.A.

Book 1: The Rebel Realm

 It's just another summer day of hunting frogs for twelve-year-old Billy, Abby, and Toby, when they stumble upon a deserted lake cabin and meet Mary, a real live ghost, searching for her lost locket. The trio offer to help her find it and the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency is launched.


But when the youthful sleuths enlist the help of the grumpy medium, Mr. Monsento, to help them with their second case, locating a ghost's missing ghost brother, a mysterious visitor from the UnderWorld appears. Soon the agency is entangled in a conflict between rebellious spirits, undead Realm Walkers, officious OtherWorld Bureaucrats and traitorous UnderWorld Demon Ambassadors.



Highly imaginative and downright entertaining--Self-Publishing Review

Book 2:  The Woebegone Oddity of the Underworld
FPDA2 cover.JPG

The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency is back with two new cases from the afterlife to solve!

First, the agency is hired to retrieve a ghost cat from a nearby pet cemetery; a simple enough request.  Or so it would seem. But when your clients are from the spirit realm, nothing is ever as easy as it appears. Soon the youthful sleuths and their reluctant medium, Mr. Monsento, are tangled up in a case involving magic charms, talking ghost dogs, and shape-shifting witches.

Next, the UnderWorld bounty hunter, Zeaflin, reappears, seeking assistance in locating an escaped UnderWorld prisoner so he can offer the unfortunate soul asylum in the OtherWorld. Another straight-forward request...right? But when dealing with the UnderWorld, deceit and betrayal go hand-in-hand and the detectives find themselves once again in the middle of a power struggle between the OtherWorld and the UnderWorld--and Zeaflin's fate depends on which side prevails.

A delightful installment in a series that promises more fun and otherworldly miscreants to come.--Kirkus Reviews

Book 3:  The Case of the Missing Ghost

When a ghost disappears from a local house he was haunting, his sister in the OtherWorld spirit realm hires the Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency to find him. Eager to locate the missing ghost, the youthful sleuths, Abby, Toby and Billy, and their grumpy Medium Arthur Monsento jump right into the investigation.

The trail soon points to a mysterious spirit collector in the UnderWorld. In order to identify the culprit and put an end to his ghost-nappings, the agency must enter the UnderWorld, visit its secretive black market and search a tall dark tower in a desolate valley where danger lurks just around the corner. Can the young detectives and their Medium survive their latest case from the afterlife?

A delightful read highly recommended to all paranormal fiction fans--Readers' Favorite

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