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D.L. Dugger was born in the blustery city of Chicago and raised in a nearby suburb. Her love of the Underdog struggling against the odds was fostered early in life after her parents introduced her to the Chicago Cubs. Still a loyal Cub fan, DL now lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, Kevin.


A scientist by trade, D.L. Dugger penned her first novel, The Fantastic Phantasmic Detective Agency (FPDA) and the Rebel Realm to exercise her creative juices outside of the science field. She has since written a sequel, with new wacky cases to solve and where the main characters further develop their strong bond of friendship.


As a child, D.L. often daydreamed, creating stories in which she was the heroine who always saved the day. She carries this into in her tales of the youthful sleuths with the main protagonist of the series, Abby Grant, who often must draw upon courage within to help get the detectives (and sometimes the bounty hunter, Zeaflin too!) out of danger.

Fun Facts about the FPDA Series
  • In Greek mythology, Eurynomos is the spirit of rotting corpses dwelling in the UnderWorld.  Commonly depicted with a fox fur on his back, his skin is the blue-black color of a meat fly and he does indeed walk in a crouch.


  • Malebolge (from Dante's Divine Comedy) means "evil ditches" and is a large, funnel-shaped cavern divided into 10 trenches.  It is the 8th circle of Dante's Hell and is dedicated to the sins of fraud.

  • A phurba is a three-sided Tibetan ritual dagger that can be used to cure disease, exorcise demons or destroy demonic powers (amongst other uses).

  • The word vinculum is Latin and means to bond or fetter.  And Abby is also correct; it is a mathematical symbol placed above multiple quantities to indicate they form a unit

  • Belial is a Hebrew adjective meaning "worthless".  It is a name that appears several times in the Old Testament and is translated as "ungodliness".

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